Dental Marketing Canada

Who We Are?

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with a marketing service that feels like you have a full internal marketing team, we want to always be on the same page and working to meet your goals together!

Our Values


We use our professional skills to provide you with quality service and communication all we ask is you trust us and our methods!


We believe in having a high level of communication between the practice and there marketing agency is essential for growth! That’s why our team checks in with your office manager on a daily basis to ensure were on tract to meet our goals and push us to the next level.


We believe initiative is essential to helping our practices meet and surpass there goals, we believe this because we strive to be more then just a marketing team but also help with improving internal functions of the practice!


We believe being innovative is crucial because like any business you want to be ahead of the curve ball and not behind, we believe maximizing the use of new theology’s is a essential not only for patient ease ability but also to save employees time within the practice!